J & J Parsons

Contractors in Agriculture & Construction

About J & J Parsons, Agricultural Contractors.

Providing farmers with the services  to improve their harvest.


Crop Protection

 With our modern equipment professional  operators  we can assure chemistry  application is   to near perfection


Planting Seed

Need help planting your  seed? You can hire our  professional service and  seeding equipment  to plant your crops for you. 



Seed Sales

We have great relationships with seed distributors around the globe and can get the  seed you need for the cheapest price.  




Growing, protecting, and harvesting  crops requires good knowledge of agricultural elements. With J&J Parsons we have vast experience over 50 years of all soil types , we are able to advise  farmers advanced methods that they'll need to grow a successful  crop.


J & J Parsons, Agricultural Contractors.’s  have a rich understanding of agricultural environments as well as natural elements. With our extensive service range from steel/oak frame building to spreading FYM there is little we don't do to optimize your business needs


contact:- info@jjparsons.co.uk